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Our Proven 1-2-3 Approach

Based on Scientific Methods that are Navesink Innovations … applied to your particular problem  

Works for a supplier or an internal operation or both!

1-2-3 Approach Chart.

“The future ain’t what it used to be” - Yogi Berra

“Their initial benchmark was tough to swallow but accurate. We finally took an honest look at ourselves and dedicated to the roadmap Navesink designed for us”

“We’re going to become a certified supplier to sustain business with (our client). And then we’re going to broadcast it as a competitive advantage for us. It’s a win-win!”

Our Approach … You are the customer! We work hard to understand your most important needs and requirements. Then using scientific methods that are Navesink innovations, we eliminate the causes of poor quality data hampering business performance.

The key is to employ a Second Generation Data Quality System™ - the totality of effort aimed at preventing future errors… not the “find and fix errors” already polluting business operations and decision-making.

We’ll work with you to identify the root cause(s) of the problem and design a tailored roadmap to improvement … and help you through the difficult and critical-path problem areas!

Business Results Plot.

Preventing errors is the far superior approach … offering greater business results at a lower total cost.

A find and fix strategy (used in First-Generation Data Quality Systems) dramatically increases overall costs, and never finds all the errors -- so customer satisfaction is harmed.

Second-Generation Data Quality Systems™ aim to prevent future errors, mitigating the need to find and fix data errors. The results are very predicatable:

Approach Managerial Focus Error Rate Cost-of-Poor Data Quality
Find and Fix
(First–Generation Systems)
The Past 1-5% (per data field) 20% of revenue
Prevent Future Errors
(Second–Generation Systems)
The Future Two orders of magnitude better Reduced by two-thirds

Benefits of Working With Us … Results! Results! Results! You work with our senior team. We’re accessible. Responsive to your challenges, we design solutions to your unique requirements. We’re devoted to and driven by our customer’s success.

Learn more about what we do by reading our Success Stories.

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