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Enron: Another Data Quality Disaster.

How is it possible that a company ...

and yet finds itself having to restate its financial data, resulting in:
Did poor data quality contribute to Enron's fall?  The answer is a resounding YES!  High quality data meets customer/user needs. Did the customers of Enron's financial data have their needs met? The apparent answer is NO!
Who got hurt?
How could Navesink have helped?
We follow a rigorous approach, utilizing Second-Generation Data Quality Systems ™ techniques to help you eliminate problems at the source (rather than at the end of the line.).We certify the critically important processes that produce information.  Navesink consultants bring a unique view to the situation.  We are experts in data -- how data change as they move through across organizational boundaries, how they get fouled up and how they can better serve key constituents.A "short list" of data quality solutions Navesink could offer, include:For Business Leaders: Strategic Data Management, ensuring that high quality data is available for decision making in planning and operations.For Board Members: Data Supplier Management, to ensure that data created within the organization or purchased from outside are of high quality to meet the needs of investors and employees.Accounting Professionals: Assessment and Certification of data in the areas of data accuracy, timeliness, consistency, etc. Click here to find out what Navesink can do for your organization.
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