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The Data Doc.

Dr. Thomas C. Redman is President of Navesink Consulting Group, based in Little Silver, NJ.  Known by many as the “Data Doc” Dr. Redman was the first to extend quality principles to data and information.  By advancing the body of knowledge, Tom’s innovations have raised the standard of data quality in today’s information-based economy.

Tom’s work has helped any number of organizations understand the importance of high-quality data and start their data quality programs.  Through his expertise and practical advice, organizations have saved millions of dollars per year.  Tom’s proven, repeatable tools, techniques and roadmaps have helped clients in telecommunications, financial services, computer products, dot coms, logistics, consumer goods, and government agencies.  The impact -- clients report dramatic improvement in business results:

Tom Redman

- Lowered  operating costs, 

- Increased revenues 

- Faster collection of accounts receivable,

- Improved customer satisfaction, 

- Improved business relationships, and 

- Better planning and decision-making.

Dr. Redman conceived the Data Quality Lab at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1987 and led it until 1995.  There he and his team developed the first methods for improving data quality and applied them to important business problems; saving AT&T tens of millions of dollars. Tom started Navesink Consulting Group in 1996 to help other organizations improve their data.

Tom holds a Ph.D. in statistics from Florida State University.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer and the author of numerous papers, including “Data Quality for Competitive Advantage” (Sloan Management Review, Winter 1995) and “Data as a Resource: Properties, Implications, and Prescriptions” (Sloan Management Review, Fall 1998). Dr. Redman has written three books, Data Quality: The Field Guide, (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001), Data Quality for the Information Age (Artech, 1996) and Data Quality: Management and Technology (Bantam, 1992) and was invited to contribute two chapters to Juran’s Quality Handbook, Fifth Edition (McGraw Hill, 1999). Tom holds two patents.

Tom has assembled a strong team of consultants. Learn more about them.

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