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Navesink Consultants.

Navesink Consultants are pioneers and innovators in the field of data quality and have over 75 years of combined data quality experience. They have distinguished reputations in data quality, data supplier management, process performance, re-engineering, and information technology.

Dr. Thomas C. Redman.

Dr. Thomas C. Redman started Navesink Consulting Group in 1996 after conceiving and heading the Data Quality Lab at AT&T for several years.  Tom has written numerous articles and authored the seminal books on data quality.  He is the leading inventor of practical techniques to help organizations improve amidst the explosion of data (and data quality problems) created in the Information Age.

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Mr. Robert W. Pautke

Mr. Robert W. Pautke is Executive Vice President and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Bob is an expert at defining and implementing data supplier management programs.  Most organizations acquire critical data from external sources, so supplier management is integral to their data quality programs.

Bob has almost two decades of experience in data management, process management and re-engineering.  Prior to joining Navesink, Bob led AT&T's first data quality projects, including highly successful efforts with data suppliers.  He spent two years with Dr. Redman at the AT&T Bell Laboratories Data Quality Lab.  Bob has consulted with firms in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim, helping them gain business value from improvements in data quality.  Bob is published and holds a patent.  He joined Navesink in 1998.

Mr. Dennis E. Parton

Mr. Dennis E. Parton, Navesink senior consultant, has contributed to many of the major advances in quality for the past 30 years.  Most recently, his work has focused on applying process management to service and information-rich processes.  Because data cross organizational boundaries in the blink of an eye, managing across functions is an essential component to an advanced data quality program.

Prior to joining Navesink, Dennis led an internal consulting practice within AT&T and was quality director for one of its business units.  Dennis was among the first to recognize that the techniques he used so effectively to improve quality on the factory floor would also improve service quality.  He helped pioneer the development of what is now called "process management."  Dennis continues to help his clients reduce cycle time, improve service levels and enhance business performance. 

Dennis has a master's degree in operations research from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Susan V. Stuntebeck.

Dr. Susan V. Stuntebeck is a senior consultant at Navesink Consulting Group.  She is an expert in helping senior managers create organizational cultures that promote data quality.  Susan has been involved in various areas of quality for 20 years.  Immediately prior to joining Navesink, she was director of business markets customer satisfaction and director of process and quality at AT&T.

Susan served for six years as a senior examiner for the U.S. Department of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award and served as a judge for both the Secretary of the Air Force Award and the New Jersey Quality Award. She has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies on strategic quality management and business process improvement.

Susan holds an M.S. in math and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. She joined Navesink in 1999.

Mr. Stuart A. Tartarone

Mr. Stuart A. Tartarone is a senior consultant at Navesink Consulting Group.  An expert in "Building Data Quality In" to new systems, Stu has broad technical and business knowledge of information technology, and hands-on, in-depth experience in market/product strategy development, systems engineering, systems architecture, and project management.  He joined Navesink in 2004.

Prior to joining Navesink, Stu was a Technology Director at AT&T Labs.  He has over thirty years of experience in telecommunications and information technology at AT&T Labs and Bell Laboratories. Stu led efforts in web-site design and development, web-enabled services development, information technology consulting and solutions development, local and wide area networking, personal computer and software development, and wireless technology.

Stu has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering/System Science from the Polytechnic University.
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